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Today’s Blogging101 assignment was to be a good neighbor. We were not to just peek in the windows of our neighboring blogs. We were to peer over back fences, engage them in conversation and let them know how their most recent post touched and inspired us.

Hoping to meet some like-minded individuals or individuals in similar circumstances, I searched for woman, spouse of addict and started reading the first blog that popped up. It absolutely resonated with me. However, I did not comment. I couldn’t. I was completely speechless. The author of the blog has the same type of addiction that my husband  father of my children.  almost ex, former significant other,  spouse from whom I am estranged but not yet divorced has. And, she uses her blog to document the details explicitly.  Her words were his thoughts. Her choices were his actions. Her spouse, who she barely acknowledged, is me who, reading, quickly became ill.

I came back to my computer and did another search. I didn’t want to run across anything that painful again so, I decided to find like-minded individuals by searching for life story. And up popped Confessions of a Ginger. The post I read was witty, charming, funny and oh so true. I wanted to read more so I started scrolling through posts. And there, hidden in plain view on the front page, was ‘an Open Letter to My Dad.’ Oww! Sucker punch to the gut.

In this letter, the author talks about her feelings and challenges after her father abandoned their family. It is an eloquent and courageous post. Except that it could have been written by my daughter regarding her father. Left hook to the chin.

Forget it. I was not going to easily find the kind of blog I wanted. I started looking for something not as serious, something light-hearted, maybe even silly, something beautiful, something that speaks of light and love and …

I ran across JudahBloom. Admittedly, I follow his blog and have asked for his fried pickle recipe (it was delicious by the way, although I digress 😉 ) His photos of his family and his interactions with his children were filled with joy, quiet times, family times, hope, peace and love. Seeing a father interact with his family was a reminder that my experience was an anomaly. This reminder was exactly what I needed to blance the blogs that were waaaaay too close to my heart to be anywhere near comfortable.

I searched for empty nesters and life lessons and…. Tada! I found Miss Empty Nest and Anomalous – exactly the kind of blog I’d hoped to run across in the first place!

Although this assignment started out in a rather dark place, I love my neighbors – the new ones and the ones who have been waving from afar, stopping by occasionally and chatting while we tend to our respective gardens. 🙂 BBQ soon?

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