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TKC Apparel - N's company which which provided funds to help support M and E.

TKC Apparel (a company started by three 18-year-old friends) provided funds to help support M and E.

On Sunday we went to church. We invited M and E to come with us. Unfortunately, they both declined.

At church, during the meet and greet your neighbor portion of the service, my daughter’s friend’s mother (how’s that for convoluted?) approached and handed me an envelope. She explained, “I don’t know what the circumstances are but I really felt like God wanted me to give this to you. I spoke with my family and N said he felt the same way. We all agreed this is what you are supposed to have. So here, this is yours.”

I  peeked inside the envelope and there was a check for $1000 from N’s business (Yes, this young man and his friends started a very successful clothing company right after graduating from high school. They didn’t ask me to do this and they don’t know I’m doing this but I have attached their ad and a link to their website to this post.)

No, that is not a typo. There are no extra zeros or a forgotten decimal point. This woman and her son handed me a check for one thousand dollars.

I started blubbering about M and E and how I had overspent my budget and they still needed so many things…. But she just hugged me, told me use it for whatever I wanted and then she sat down.

I was absolutely stunned.After church, I sought out our youth leader. I intended to tell her what S and N had done but before I could, she said, “I hope everything is going okay for you. I know times are really tough right now. At our staff meeting this last week, we felt really strongly that we should help you out. So, here. This is for you. It’s for whatever you need.” I opened her envelope and inside was a check for another $350.

Afraid of what people would say when they found out that I’d allowed homeless kids to move into our house, I had not yet told anyone about M and E. So…. How did this happen? How did I, extra worried about finances after spending twice as much money on clothes and toiletries for M and E than I had intended, end up with an extra $1350 the next day?

I know that this does not happen for everyone. I know that it is rare and miraculous and it doesn’t explain away all the bad things that He allows to happen. But… this happened to us. This happened to M and E and I have no other explanation than God.

But this was not my money. This was their money. Not for them to control. They didn’t have money management skills yet but this is what I would use to get them work clothes, haircuts, new eyeglasses, GED fees, driving fees, new shoes etc. Thank God for grocery store banks. My kids and I went and immediately opened a new account to keep this money separate from our household money.

When we came home and told them what had happened, they were both incredulous. E cried and kept saying, “but they don’t even know us! Why would they do that?” M tried to hide his eyes as he clarified that the people who did this were, in fact, church people.

“Yes,” I clarified. “They are Christians who are, like us, practicing obedience to God. We felt like God wanted you to move in with us. They felt like they were supposed to contribute money.”